Gentle stock bull with a lot of potential. CALUM 3RD OF GOTSGARTEN / Trained LowStressStockmanship / 100% GrassFedBeef / Current picture 01/02/2021 / 22 months old
Calum 3rd of Gotsgarten Video 02/02/2021
CALUM 3RD OF GOTSGARTEN / 16 months old / Photo 18/08/2020

Junior Stock Bull 


Eartag: DE 1272505304

Date of Birth: 31st March 2019

Herd Book Number Highland Cattle Society: SGA195304

  • Line bred
  • Best Gotsgarten dam line EITEAG RUADH
  • Best Glengarnock dam line CLAGGORM
  • Best ORMSARY dam line EVA

This young Stock Bull was raised naturally along with 27 other bulls of a similar age and did not receive concentrated feed until the age of 14 months when he was put in with 2 cows belonging to a breeder friend. During the next 2 months he was fed 2.5kg of cereal every day. At present he is in a green forest meadow along with a quiet bull who is a year older. His frame size has increased well and we believe that he will be broad and well-muscled like his sire line Achadh 22nd of  Gotsgarten and Achadh Chuilter of Ormsary. He still needs time to develop further though, as male muscle growth only commences at 24 months, and we intend to allow him this time. Our junior bull is being trained using the Low Stress Stockmanship method. He walks calmly on the halter and is well used to being handled over his entire body. He is honest, smart and very confident. We can arrange welfare friendly transport through our own company and all export health requirements will be met as well as any additional private tests that might be required.

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Video /August 2020