Eilidh 17th of Gotsgarten, DOB 07/04/2017 / Photograph 18.08.2020

Eilidh 17th of Gotsgarten ("Bella") 

Eilidh 17th of Gotsgarten is a beautiful outstanding Highland Cow from Gotsgarten Fold. Scottish breeders would say emotionally, not so bad. For us she is one of the most beautiful young Highland Cows in our breed. Our breeder friend Manfred Besing played a major role in this. She is permanently in a show condition that you can bring her to an exhibition and that she runs right at the front. For the past two years the owner was Manfred Besing. She is now for sale because an excellent offspring should take her place in the small, fine fold. The cow is pregnant by our young Stock Bull Calum 3rd of Gotsgarten and will calve in April. It is rated 8/8/8 by Paul Bierstedt, RBB. She has a perfect movement. She has a perfect udder. This is a standout feature of the Gotsgarten Fold.

For a young breeding cow aged 3-4 years, a price from € 5000.00 must be expected.

(no organic beef)

Video: Eilidh 17th of Gotsgarten "Bella"
Eilidh 17th of Gotsgarten and first female calfEilidh 17th of Gotsgarten and 1st calf / Photograph 18.08.2020
Eilidh 17th of GotsgartenStyled every day by Manfred Besing.